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Condo Insurance in California

Condo life is one of the most popular California lifestyles for residents. Similar to apartment living, condos come with minimal responsibility in terms of property. Any landscaping, pool maintenance, and lobby comes at the responsibility of the HOA and is shared by condo owners. The HOA often has an insurance policy to cover community areas. At Providence First Insurance Services, we want our Chino, CA clients to have the best condo living with condo insurance.

Personal Property Coverage

While each condo community has shared spaces, the space behind your condo door is your own. Within these four walls are your personal property and they are not privy to the protection of the master HOA insurance policy. Should your condo be vandalized or the victim of a theft, then you will need a condo insurance policy to cover any damages from the incident and replace stolen items.

Liability Coverage

Do you own a pet? Maybe you have children? Pet owners and families benefit the most from liability coverage, as accidents can happen with their pets and a guest, or a guest could be hurt while in the condo. Any accident that someone has while in your condo can leave you responsible, so it is the best practice that all condo owners choose condo insurance for this reason.

Structure Coverage

While the external structure, hallways, and other community areas of your condo are covered by the master HOA policy, the same disaster that has caused damage in these areas could affect the interior of your condo. That is where your condo insurance comes in handy, giving you a chance to get financial assistance for these repairs.

Make The Most Of Condo Living Today

If you live in Chino, CA or nearby California areas, feel free to reach out to our agents at Providence First Insurance Services for more information. We are happy to assist you with living your best condo life.


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